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Rental Truck Accidents in Florida

Whether you are moving from Miami to Orlando, or from Florida to Oregon, you might need to rent a moving truck to speed up the relocation process. If you do so, you have every right to assume the truck you have rented is safe to operate. These trucks require proper maintenance and care in order to properly move people and their possessions. Unfortunately, sometimes businesses will bypass these necessary requirements either out of incompetency or greed and this can result in a very dangerous situation for the people who rent the vehicle. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a rental truck crash, please call a skilled Florida truck accident attorney from Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey and Fronrath.

An accident lawyer can review the facts of the case and present your legal options

If a truck defect caused your car crash, you should be entitled to compensation from the rental vehicle company. Even if the defect was not the direct cause of the accident, but still made things worse though, you may be entitled to some damages from the company. For example, if you were in an accident when you ran a red light because your truck brakes failed to stop you at the light, you should be entitled to maximum compensation from the truck rental company. If you ran a red light on your own accord and then were unable to brake after you started to collide with another vehicle, the company may be responsible for the additional damage caused due to the excess speed. Of course, if the truck defect was uninvolved in the accident, for example, you were in an accident after intentionally running a red light, but your power steering was not working, you will not be able to seek compensation from the trucking company. Your Florida truck accident lawyer can help investigate the accident to see what role, if any, the truck defect played in your crash.

A Skilled Accident Attorney Will Show That The Company Was at Fault

One of the most difficult aspects of these accident lawsuits is proving that the company was at fault for the defect. Your Florida truck accident attorney will need to show the company was aware of the defect or at least should have known about it. If the company bypassed a safety check, they may not have known about the defect, but they are responsible, as they should have done the check, which would have resulted in their uncovering the problem.

If you were involved in a moving vehicle or other rental truck accident caused or made worse by a defect, please call our offices today and schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled Florida truck accident lawyer.


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