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Vehicle Roof Collapse

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One of the many dangers resulting from a rollover crash is the possibility of the vehicle’s roof collapsing. When a taller, heavier vehicle, such as an SUV, rolls over, the vehicle’s roof and its supporting structures are tested. When a roof collapses, serious and fatal injuries can occur. Many auto manufacturers try to reduce the weight and cost of a vehicle by reducing the size and strength of the roof and supporting structures of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this also reduces the safety. The government’s roof crush standard, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 216 (FMVSS 216) is so minimal, that most vehicles pass without a problem.

Our Florida defective products lawyers investigate whether or not a vehicle’s critical “survival space” was maintained during a rollover crash. There are many complex factors that go into a roof collapse case, and our attorneys and investigators are trained to know exactly what to look for in these types of accidents to successfully litigate against major auto manufacturers. We’ve handled hundreds of cases throughout Florida and the United States involving roof collapse during rollover accidents, and all of issues related to the vehicle’s safety.

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LRSI&F continues to put pressure on the automobile industry to build safer vehicles. Unfortunately, only a several manufacturers admit that passengers should be protected by a safety cage that would better protect passengers during a rollover. However, many manufacturers refuse to spend $250 per vehicle to improve the vehicle's safety.

We are here to help. If you have any questions about roof collapse or any personal injury issue, please feel free to contact us to speak with a Florida product liability lawyer.


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