You trust 15-passenger vans to carry your children to and from school events or to take church groups from one town to the next, but it turns out that these vans are anything but safe. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the more people these vans carry, the more dangerous they are. If a 15-passgnger van has 10 or more occupants in it, it is almost three times more likely to rollover. When a 15-passenger van rolls over, serious injuries and fatalities are common.

What Causes 15-Passenger Van Rollovers and Collisions?

If you or a loved one has suffered a rollover or a collision in a 15-passenger van, you want to know why. That is a common question to have. There are many reasons why these vans get in a lot of accidents.

One of the most common reasons is negligent driving. Drivers are easily distracted because of the large number of passengers, so they are more prone to accidents.

Overloading the van is another problem. These vans have a specific weight capacity, and federal guidelines do not allow the vans to hold more than 15 people, regardless of how far they are going. If the drivers fail to meet these guidelines, they might get in an accident.

Vans also get involved in collisions and rollovers due to poorly inflated tires and mechanical issues.

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