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Multiple Liability Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Cases

Determining who is at fault is a critical component in any Personal injury case. However, because there are always unique variables in every accident situation, it can be one of the most challenging aspects in determining how injured parties are compensated. In many case there are multiple negligent parties whose actions may have directly or indirectly caused the accident. In which case, the standards applied to apportioning fault and damage recovery are governed by state laws.  That means, each state adopts and apply certain standards that determine how damages are recovered. Read more

Automobile Safety Features that Minimize Injuries

Automobile Safety Features

Safety features that provide crash protection have come a long way since airbags and seat belts became standard. While competition and bottom line rather than consumer protection may be the focus of auto manufacturers, these crash protection features have become the distinction to strive for in contemporary cars.  Not surprisingly, new technology is already engineering a shift from passive safety options to active accident prevention. Read more

Helpful Facts about Personal Injury Accidents

Personal Injury Accidents

A Personal injury accident can happen at any time.  Most people think of personal injury law only in terms of vehicular accidents.  However, personal injury law covers a range of situations where the negligence of one person causes injury to another. No matter what cause the accident, they can result in severe injuries that lead to physical and emotional pain and suffering, expensive medical bills, loss of income, lifestyle changes and even permanent disability.   Read more