21 Apr 2014

Welcome to the Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath Blog

The Accidents Safe blog was set up to help keep our clients and the public informed of important safety information that potentially could effect their every day lives.  Auto recalls, defective tires, car seats and many other products or medications…
23 Feb 2021

What should you do at the scene of big truck accidents?

Although some auto accidents are minor, those that involve large commercial trucks often lead to significant injuries, serious property damage, and even loss of life. With this in mind, what should you do at the scene of big truck accidents…
exploding sunroof class action
18 Feb 2021

Exploding Sunroof Class Action Lawsuit

Sunroofs provide a seductive connection to the outdoors. That makes it a desired feature for many car owners. However, a long-standing complaint about exploding sunroofs present a serious safety concern for some drivers and their passengers. Exploding…
17 Feb 2021

What To Watch Out for When Given a Defective Product for the Holidays

Holidays are typically times where we can enjoy family, delicious meals, and celebrations. The last thing that we expect is for a gift that another gives us to result in our injury. But unfortunately, defective products and design flaws often…
11 Feb 2021

Why Do Seniors Endure Abuse? Questions for an Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

As family members and friends of senior citizens, we expect our vulnerable adults to live out the remainder of their lives in peace. Unfortunately, elder abuse is a common problem, regardless of whether the senior lives at home or in a long-term…
09 Feb 2021

Improperly Informed: What To Do If The Risks Weren't Fully Explained

When Should You Make an Informed Consent Claim? We trust medical professionals to inform us of the risks of medications, surgeries, and actions that affect our health. But what happens when our doctors, nurses, or pharmacists make a mistake…
04 Feb 2021

Medical Liability & Your Rights

As a patient, you expect that your doctor will provide you with a certain level of care. However, just like in any field, accidents can occur. But what can you do if your physician does not appropriately attend to your medical needs? And what…