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Dog Owner Gets Bitten by Dog Bite Law

In Florida, a dog owner is legally responsible for the dog’s behavior, especially if the dog harms another person. In a recent incident, a Riviera Beach resident was in the process of being pursued and arrested by police and ordered his Pitt Bull to attack the arresting officer. The dog, possibly confused by the command, […]

Suing Your Contractor for Wrongful Death

An accidental death of a loved one is always difficult. There are circumstances that are simply beyond our control, and the survivors are left to surrender to fate. When the negligence of one person directly causes the death of another, the family members of the victim have the right to hold that person financially responsible […]

Wellington Regional Medical Center v. Giovanni Pillonato:  A Win for Newborns Who Suffer Brain Injury During Delivery. 

The Fourth District’s recent decision in Wellington Regional Medical Center v. Giovanni Pillonato, 2016 WL 4548485 (Fla. 4th DCA Sept. 1, 2016), strikes a blow against the assault on the right of recovery for obstetrical patients whose newborn suffers catastrophic brain injuries during childbirth.  It does so by showing that “NICA Notice” must be provided […]

Who is Responsible for Faulty Playground Equipment?

When children go out to play, many dangers await. Parents can only do so much in teaching children to be careful, look both ways, don’t talk to strangers, don’t run on the pool deck. But when a child in injured due to an unsafe play structure or play area, there may be grounds for a […]

Can I Sue My Doctor for Prescribing Medical Marijuana?

In contrast to the love affair many US states are having with medical marijuana, Florida’s relationship to the versatile drug is lukewarm. As of 2014, the first wave of legalization enabled doctors to prescribe non-euphoric strains of marijuana to be distributed to cancer patients, and a later version allowed higher TCH products to be prescribed […]

Samsung’s Massive Galaxy Note 7 Recall Brings Battery-Maker Into Focus

‘Minor flaw in the battery manufacturing process’ causes phones to explode; Samsung SDI supplied about 65% of batteries Read more: source Wall Street Journal http://www.wsj.com/articles/samsungs-massive-galaxy-note-7-recall-brings-battery-maker-into-focus-1473082175 If you or a loved one have been injured by a defective device or have questions about a defective product, call Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Frorath at their West […]

Can A School District Makes a Vaccine Mandatory?

The vaccine debate might be loud and busy on the Internet, but it is relatively quiet in the public school system. In all 50 states, children must be fully vaccinated against certain diseases in order to attend public school. That policy, however, is semi-permeable, both in the lack of scrutiny of medical records and in […]

Pedestrian Crossings Can Be Safer

Pedestrians have the right of way while in a crosswalk in every state in the nation. That does not, however, guarantee a safe journey from one curb to the other. In fact, 4500 pedestrians are killed crossing streets every year. The contest between a car and a person is not a very fair one, and […]

Treating Mental Health Issues: Your Doctor Owes You a “Duty of Care” in Prescribing the Very Best Mental Health Medications.

The Florida Supreme Court recently issued its decision in Chirillo v. Granicz, 41 Fla. L. Weekly S385 (Fla. Aug. 25, 2016), in which it established that under Florida law, a doctor owes a mentally ill patient a “duty of care” in prescribing that patient the correct medications.  Although this case involves tragic facts, it provides […]

Don’t Forget your Tire Safety Check

Everyone loves a road trip. When setting out, it’s important to check your car’s safety features and standard equipment before you go. One essential part of this check is your tires. Tire failure is one of the major causes of accidents that are unrelated to driver error. Tires require regular maintenance in order to perform […]