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Pedestrian is Killed by Self-Driving Uber Car in Arizona

Pedestrian is Killed

A pedestrian wheeling a bicycle across the road was recently killed by an Uber self-driving vehicle in Arizona.  This was the first pedestrian death associated with self-driving vehicles in the United States.  Uber had been testing its self-driving vehicles in Arizona, California, Pennsylvania and Canada.  The company quickly suspended testing in all four locations shortly after the accident.  Read more

Uber Accidents; What to Expect

Uber Accidents;

Uber is rapidly displacing traditional taxis as the preferred mode of transportation. Getting into an Uber vehicle requires only a few clicks on a smart phone GPS system.  And, there’s no need to wonder where you driver is in proximity to your location. The Uber system allows passengers to track almost to the nearest minute, how soon a driver will get to them. However, while the Uber concept is modern, economic and convenient, it pays to understand the security and legal ramifications of utilizing this service. Read more