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Onewheel nosedive lawsuits.

Onewheel Nosedive Lawsuits

Onewheels — as the name suggests — are single-wheel electric skateboards. To ride a Onewheel, users stand with one foot in front of the other on pressure-sensitive pads split by a roughly six-inch wide wheel. Self-balancing tech helps riders to stay steady on the 750-watt board, which, depending on the model, can go up to 19 mph, according to the company’s website. Unfortunately, Onewheel’s self-balancing tech isn’t foolproof. The boards can slam nose-first into the ground, launching the rider off the board and into the air. While some Onewheel nosedives are due to rider error, some aren’t. 

That’s where Onewheel nosedive lawsuits come into play.


Product Liability

One Onewheel rider was thrown from his board in 2019 when the electric skateboard suddenly nosedived without apparent cause, according to a related lawsuit, causing him to suffer a concussion, memory issues, and ongoing pain. The rider later filed a product liability Onewheel nosedive lawsuit for $10 million, alleging negligence and breach of warranty.

What is product liability? According to Florida law, consumers injured by defective products can hold responsible those involved in the product’s manufacture, construction, design, formulation, installation, preparation, or assembly if any acted negligently, breached warranties, or failed to meet safety standards.

Common types of product liability lawsuits in Florida include those filed to address design defects, manufacturing defects, lack of product testing, and failure to warn of product dangers. 

Depending on the lawsuit, liability may be split between different entities involved in the product’s supply chain per Florida’s contributory fault rule that allows fault to be assigned as percentages. 

You have up to four years from the date of injury to file a product liability lawsuit, but we suggest filing your Onewheel nosedive lawsuit as soon as possible.

Product liability lawsuits can result in compensation awards that can help pay for medical bills, loss of income, ongoing treatments, and the like. An experienced Florida product liability lawyer can help you get the compensation you need when you need it. 

In addition, by filing a product liability lawsuit, you’re acting to protect future users from suffering the same fate. 


Wrongful Death

Product liability lawsuits evolve into wrongful death lawsuits when the injury suffered proves fatal, even if the death occurs during a liability lawsuit. The same holds true for Onewheel nosedive lawsuits that involve a user’s death.

In May 2019, a Texas man was riding a Onewheel on a flat, paved road when the electric skateboard reportedly stopped suddenly, sending him crashing into the pavement. He suffered severe brain trauma and ultimately died from his injuries. 

His family later filed a wrongful death product liability lawsuit against Onewheel manufacturer Future Motion, alleging that the death was caused by product liabilities including negligence and failure to warn.

According to the March 2020 lawsuit, Onewheel’s companion app lists the electric skateboard’s maximum speed as 26.1 mph, which is 7 mph higher than the maximum speed listed on the company’s website. 

In addition, the tech used to balance the board can fail when Onewheel is pushed to its limits, is low on charge, or spends most of its energy maintaining other device features. When that happens, the board nosedives, endangering the rider. 

Proving a wrongful death lawsuit is complicated. A Florida wrongful death attorney will know what options are available to you and how best to proceed to build the strongest case possible. To make matters slightly more complicated, you have only two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death lawsuit.


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