Keyless ignition devices allow drivers to start and shut off their cars with the click of a button on their keychain. A recent study reveals this convenient feature can be a killer, and the Florida seems to be the place it strikes most.

According to the Palm Beach Post, there have been 21 deaths nationwide since 2009 associated with keyless ignition. One third of those deaths have occurred in Florida. Keyless ignition deaths typically happen because drivers leave their cars in a garage attached to the home, but do not realize that the keyless ignition device failed to turn the car off. Deadly carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, then seeps into the home.

While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) plans to issue keyless ignition rules for automakers the fact remains that millions of these cars are already out there. In the meantime, the families of victims killed by keyless ignition devices are fighting back against automakers, filing wrongful death and products liability lawsuits in Florida and nationwide. These lawsuits allege that automakers knew or should have known about the danger presented by keyless ignition, and provided some kind of safeguard such as an auto shut-off feature.

Companies must ensure the products they put on the market, such as keyless ignition, are safe for consumers. Succeeding on product liability claims such as these involve many defendants, including the product’s manufacturer, distributors, retailers and even the service centers responsible for maintenance and repair of the product. Given the high number of fatalities related to keyless ignition, there is a likelihood these devices are defectively designed and the automakers should know it.

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