Uninsured Motorist and Personal Injury Claims

When an accident involving uninsured motorists occurs, it is reasonable to be concerned about getting compensation for damages. Although all vehicle owners are required by law to have “automobile liability insurance” the reality is that many people today drive without adequate or any automobile insurance.  Also, not every driver on the road own the vehicle they are driving or is covered under the policy of the vehicle owner. In fact, based on an Insurance Research Council (IRC) study, approximately 30 million American vehicle owners do not have insurance. In the study period, according to IRC data, the number of uninsured driver in Florida was a whopping 23%.   Read more

Terrorism Related Personal Injury Claims

In today’s global climate, the possibility of becoming a victim of terrorism is no longer far-fetched. In fact, the threat of terrorism has now become a full-fledged concern for everyone; whether they travel abroad or not.  These acts of violence typically have massive life-changing effects on victims and their families. While it is apparent that terrorism is a feature of life today, the path to compensation for pain and suffering is not always clear cut for victims or their loved ones. Many victims wonder if it is even possible to expect to receive any type of compensation after such an event. Victims can file terrorism related personal injury claims.

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How Arbitration Clause affect Your Personal Injury Claim

More and more companies have been incorporating a mandatory arbitration clause into their contracts. Preoccupation with the purpose of the transaction often cause many consumers to overlook this important inclusion in the contracts they sign. And so many people sign away their legal rights because they ignored the fine print or did not fully understand the implication of an arbitration clause in a contract or agreement. Legal experts suggest that before signing a contract or agreement of any kind, it is important to be cognizant of whether or not there is an arbitration close embedded in the document. If you sign, you could be… Read more

Gathering Evidence to Support Your Personal Injury Claim

The success or failure of a personal injury case is often hinged on the evidence that supports it.  While the resulting damages may be clearly painful and obvious, without substantiated proof that they are a direct result of another’s carelessness, the negligent party may not be held liable. Case studies show that the more information gathered at the scene of an accident to support a personal injury claim increases the likelihood of obtaining a fair settlement. Read more