Pain and Suffering and Your Personal Injury Case

Pain and suffering is the central theme in personal injury law.  In fact, the overall costs associated with all types of pain and suffering that result from an accident with injuries is the primary reason people seek compensation. In one sense, it is a broad term that describe the residual mental and emotional damages beyond the pain and suffering of physical injuries. And, although these terms are banded together in a legal context, putting a value on physical damages encompasses different criteria for calculating the non-physical component of psychological pain and suffering. Read more

Misleading Myths about Personal Injury Law

Injuries that occur due to the negligence of another person can seriously impair the victim’s ability to work and live at the capacity they did before the injury.  As a result, the judicial system in the United States makes it possible for those hurt in accidents to receive fair compensation for legitimate injuries. Unfortunately, misleading information about personal injury law, attorney’s and victim entitlement has deterred some individuals from actually seeking important legal help after a life-altering personal injury.  In many instances, these victims who try to handle their case on their own, lose out because they did not make a claim, settled too quickly or for far less than they would with proper legal counsel. Read more