teen crashes benz eludes police

What’s the first thing that comes to a person’s mind when something bad takes place? Human nature can lead an individual to run in fear of what may happen to them next.

It’s an understandable gut reaction, but fleeing from the scene of a crime makes matters even worse. Even if a suspect is not guilty or completely innocent of what they’re being accused for, they can still face consequences for not sticking around to speak with authorities if they were present.

That’s the decision 18 year-old Seth Siedler had to make on December 17. He had crashed his Mercedes-Benz that evening, and knew that trouble was headed his way. Siedler elected to leave his damaged vehicle in Hobe Sound where the incident took place, and run as far as his legs could carry him. 

He ducked behind a business located at the corner of Federal Highway and Southeast Osprey Street, and attempted to remain one step ahead of the police who were looking to find him.

Siedler was able to avoid being caught by police officers for the entire night, but they eventually found him around 8 a.m the following morning. 

Had Siedler remained at the scene of the crime, he likely “only” would have been charged with reckless driving, as reports do not indicate that he was under the influence of a foreign substance or in danger of being accused of any other crime. 

As it turns out, the 18 year-old now also faces charges of resisting arrest and fleeing and eluding. 

Reports do not indicate that Siedler was injured in the crash, or that anyone else was hurt during the incident.

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