parker harness killed in motorcycle crash

Ideally, a motorcycle helmet will have a DOT sticker on it when it is bought, which means it meets the baseline requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 218. This puts riders in the best possible position to maintain their health in the event of a serious crash.

It is not currently known whether 25-year-old Parker A. Harness was wearing a DOT-approved helmet or any headgear at all during a ride on his 2016 Yamaha on March 17. Unfortunately, Harness was involved in an accident after he lost control of his motorcycle heading eastbound on Sample Road that evening.

When he approached Northeast Second Avenue, the rear tire of his motorcycle hit a curb and caused the vehicle to raise up and smash into a concrete pole.

“Then the driver and the vehicle were redirected northeast and they both slid across the roadway,” said Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Gerdy St. Louis. Via

Authorities located Harness off to the side of his motorcycle when they arrived on the scene. He was transported to Broward Health North and was taken to the emergency room for an immediate procedure. Harness passed away during surgery later that evening.

The investigation into the crash remains ongoing, as there are a few details that still need to be confirmed. It’s not clear whether Harness himself lost control of the motorcycle due to circumstances he was dealing with, or whether there was a malfunction with the vehicle itself.

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