80-year-old grandmother struck killed at restaurant

Mary Lou Sharp, 80, was killed and Butch Gay, 77, was severely injured when a sedan crashed into outdoor tables at “That BBQ Place” in Matlacha on April 13, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Three other diners sustained minor injuries in the incident, which occurred while Sharp and Gay were having an afternoon meal.

Sharp’s granddaughters seek accountability for the driver, remembering their grandmother’s life philosophy. “Just hold everyone tight, love everyone, and try to be your best person. My grandma did that, and she lived to be 80 years old,” Danielle Darna told WAFB.com.

Witness Michael O’Brien described the scene: “He’s driving through the tables. There’s a guy on the hood of the car and another woman on top because they’re trying to hang on. You see people flying up in the air and tables. It was traumatic,” he said to WAFB.com.

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