angel cordero hit and run pursuit

If you’ve ever been on the wrong end of a hit-and-run collision, the ensuing feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming. Not only does the accident occur in the blink of an eye, but now the perpetrator is nowhere to be found, adding to your feelings of isolation and despair.

That’s the position 24-year-old Daniel Hodge was in during the afternoon of July 2nd. He was riding his bicycle to work when his fortunes quickly changed at the intersection of SW Port St. Lucie Boulevard and SW Trenton Lane. An SUV struck him, breaking his left leg in five places. The driver sped away and left the scene of the accident.

Daniel was taken to Cleveland Clinic Tradition Hospital, where he endured more than seven hours of surgery. Unbeknownst to Hodge, the driver of the SUV wasn’t only being tracked down by local authorities. Port St. Lucie resident Angel Cordero was pursuing the SUV in order to report its information to the authorities.

“I’ve been living in Port St. Lucie since 2003 off and on,” Cordero said. “I’ve got a family and kids and I’d want somebody to do the same if it was my child that got ran over.” Via

Cordero would end up calling 911 to give police the license plate number and description of the car. Authorities later said that Cordero’s information was a huge tip.

The driver was identified as 50-year-old Marcella Morris, who is also a Port St. Lucie resident.

Cordero’s actions underscore the notion that residents of a community should never feel like they’re alone. He showed tremendous character by having a stranger’s back in their time of need.

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