A person’s home is their sanctuary, a place where they should feel comfortable, safe, and protected. Nothing traumatic should happen while someone is brushing their teeth or preparing for dinner.

Yet, a harrowing event took place at a home located at Ocean Breeze Park. A Jeep burrowed into the house a few weeks ago and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the property. Fortunately, the couple who lived in the house were not injured, but they were forced to relocate as repairs were unfolding to fix the extensive wreckage.

Authorities were trying to track down the culprit for an extended period of time. Eventually, 52-year-old Brian Richard Allen was arrested on March 3 and taken to Martin County Jail. He is being charged with leaving the scene of a crash and causing property damage.

During the night of the incident, witnesses saw a man and a woman jumping out of a jeep. The search for them continued on into March, when Deputy Eric Day spotted Allen on Indian River Drive, and arrested him during a traffic stop. Three warrants for his arrest were secured.

Allen has denied being involved in the crash. Law enforcement doesn’t appear to be buying his story, as the jeep involved in the incident was returned to Allen from the insurance company after it was repaired. 

It’s not known what caused Allen to lose control of the vehicle during that evening, or whether foreign substances were involved.

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