broward sheriffs office looking for hit and run driver

Leaving the scene of a collision is one of the worst things a person can do. An example of this occurred in the early afternoon hours of August 5, and the Broward Sheriff’s Office Traffic Homicide Unit is going to be on a chase as a result. The driver of a white 2017 Chevrolet Malibu was heading west on West Oakland Park Boulevard.

As they were approaching Northwest 43rd Avenue, an adult male was crossing the street at a crosswalk. The right side of the Malibu hit the male pedestrian, who was sent airborne in a northwesterly direction. The man who was hit by the vehicle was rushed to a local hospital, where he later died. 

After the incident, the driver of the Malibu sped off, as he did not check on the pedestrian whom he hit. 

Through investigative means, authorities were able to find debris near the accident site left by the Malibu. This allowed them to track the car to a parking lot, where additional signs of a pedestrian strike were present.

The investigation remains ongoing, as locating the vehicle was only the first part of the process. Detectives are looking for physical descriptions of the Malibu driver, as well as tips as to this person’s possible whereabouts. It seems clear that once apprehended, the individual will face a bevy of legal charges, perhaps including but not limited to vehicular homicide.

Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath hopes that the driver is brought to justice, and is sorry to hear about the pedestrian’s death. (561) 655-1990 is the number to call to reach the firm’s professionals who have a plethora of experience handling motor vehicle accident cases.