A car and a Brightline train collided late Sunday night in Hollywood. A dark sedan was spotted on the tracks in the train’s path, and a white vehicle with damage was also spotted at the scene.

The incident occurred on the Brightline tracks near South Dixie Highway and Sheridan Street. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Brightline has been involved in a collision. Just two months ago, we reported on a tragic incident that claimed the life of a pedestrian in Deerfield Beach.

An investigation of this most recent incident is ongoing. It has not yet been reported if anyone involved was injured or killed. 

High-speed testing in Port St. Lucie

Brightline recently released a statement that they will continue high-speed testing of trains in Martin County from July 19 through July 20. Testing of speeds up to 110 mph will occur in preparation for service to Orlando. Each hour, one to two passenger trains will pass through the testing areas, which include multiple railroad crossings and the St. Lucie railroad bridge.

In the statement, Brightline reiterated its safety reminders for pedestrians and drivers:

  • Stay off the tracks; don’t stop on the tracks
  • Never go around crossing gates
  • Don’t try to beat a train
  • Only cross the tracks at designated crossings
  • Stay alert and follow the law around active railroad tracks and railroad crossings
  • Be aware that once the second track is commissioned, rail traffic could run on both tracks in either direction

Although Brightline and local traffic enforcement implement safety measures to protect drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists at railroad crossings, serious incidents involving poorly-maintained or recklessly-operated trains do occur. If you or a loved one were injured or killed in a Brightline or other rail collision in Florida, contact Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath immediately.