Leisurely time on the water can turn into a dangerous situation relatively quickly. One of the most sickening feelings is being trapped on a boat that is sinking, with the coastline miles away and seemingly no one in clear sight to assist. 

Four people found themselves in this unenviable position on June 16, as they sat quickly sinking about 30 miles east of Miami Beach. 

Fortunately, aid was rendered to those individuals in a swift manner, which prevented a difficult situation from becoming much worse.

Air personnel on the HC-144 called Sector Miami watchstanders, as they reported that the 25-foot vessel was taking on water. 

A Miami Beach rescue unit made its way out to the location of the boat and was able to tow the distressed boat back to shore. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported to any of those on the boat. 

In order to stabilize the situation, the aircrew used a dewatering pump to relieve the vessel from the water it was quickly taking on. 

“We remind all mariners to check their safety equipment and conduct a proper inspection of their vessel prior to getting out on the water,” said Station Miami Beach 3rd Class Officer, Alain Carvajal. Via WPTV.com

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