There are a lot of things potential home buyers scan with a fine tooth comb before finalizing a sizeable down payment. The condition of the flooring, the modernity and look of appliances, and sizing of each bedroom are all common observations during this process.

It’s also pretty standard for people to think about how a potential real estate purchase would hold up in tropical storm/hurricane conditions, given South Florida’s history of severe weather.

On the other side, it’s doubtful that anyone looking to purchase a home is thinking about how it would hold up if a car came vaulting into it. The chances of something like that happening are slim to none at best, yet this is what took place on March 11 in the 2000 block of Kanner Highway in Stuart.

After darting through a parking lot unencumbered, an SUV smashed into a condo that morning. This essentially served as a 450-foot runway before the vehicle smashed into the condo.

The car made quite an entrance through the kitchen area of the condo, leaving images that have to be seen to be believed.

The condo had two occupants in it at the time of the incident, both of whom were fortunately located in their bedroom as the day was about to begin. They exited the condo through the back area after the car had come careening in.

The individuals who were in the SUV at the time of the accident were not as fortunate. They were both transported to the hospital; one with serious injuries and the other with what is described as non-life threatening injuries.

At this point in the investigation, it’s not clear what prompted the SUV to lose control, or whether foreign substances were involved in the mishap.

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