orange grove boulevard motorcycle accident

It’s often said that speed kills. While it’s often used in a more colloquial manner in racing movies and sports to highlight the importance of fast players, there’s a somber literal meaning to the phrase that should be considered by people in real life scenarios.

Unfortunately for Craig Attilio, on September 2, speed was the main culprit of his death. Attilio was riding his Honda Shadow Spirit motorcycle at a velocity that was too high for the section of Orange Grove Boulevard he was traveling on, according to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. The 52-year-old was heading east, while 63-year-old Roland Robinson was traveling west in his Ford F-350.

Robinson approached an intersection with the intention of making a left turn. As the turn was being made on to 121st Terrace North, Attilio’s motorcycle zoomed into the picture and collided with the front passenger side of the truck. 

Attilio was ejected from his motorcycle as it overturned following the collision. Sadly, he was declared dead at the scene by the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue authorities. 

Robinson was taken to a nearby hospital and was treated for minor injuries. 

While the investigation remains ongoing, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office has communicated that it appears alcohol and drugs may have been a factor in the accident, which might explain Attilio’s dangerous speed. 

An incident like this reinforces that the public should not operate a vehicle while under the influence, and at no time should they drive at speeds that can put themselves and others in harm’s way.

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