“You’ve broken my life, and you’ve taken my wife too,” said Ali Akatawi. “You’ve broken my heart. Now I don’t have nothing.” Via Local10.com

Akatawi is now a widower, after the accident that took his wife’s life on February 8. 38-year-old Naomy Arias was the mother of five children, in addition to the center of Akatawi’s world.

Arias was riding with her sister and niece when an unthinkable series of events unfolded to end her life and injure the other two passengers.

A 30-year-old man was driving a black SUV at a high rate of speed when his car smashed into the median of the 79th Street Causeway Bridge. The SUV catapulted high into the air and landed on the car Arias was in.

Dionicio Enrique Castro was arrested, although the charges that he has been apprehended on have little to do with the accident that claimed Arias’ life. They have to do with drug possession-related infractions that authorities were previously aware of.

It’s not clear at this time whether Castro was under the influence of any substances during the time of the fatal accident. Castro suffered a fractured hip and hip dislocation as a result of the accident.

Arias’ sister and niece are still recovering from the episode at Ryder Trauma Center, located at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Arias and Akatawi were in the midst of living out their American dream in the community. Arias immigrated to the United States from Cuba, while Akatawi is originally from Iraq.

In addition to Akatawi, Arias’ friends and extended family are also grieving, as she was described as a loving person.

Arias has a 19-year-old daughter living in Mexico, who is hoping to enter the country on a Humanitarian Visa in light of these events.

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