driver arrested in hit and run

24-year-old Shanice Person of Palm Bay is currently incarcerated at the Indian River County Jail, facing allegations of impaired driving and habitual offenses after fatally striking a man with her car and fleeing the scene early last Sunday.

The victim, identified as Jhovany Edgardo Diaz Rojas, 39, of Vero Beach, died at the scene. Person initially denied operating the vehicle but later altered her statement. According to the affidavit, Person confessed to consuming alcohol and smoking weed. 

The incident unfolded at 3:19 a.m. near Indian River Boulevard and the base of the Merrill Barber Bridge. Responding officers, with assistance from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, apprehended the vehicle with three females inside.

Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey said, “[Person’s] driver’s license indicates she is a habitual traffic violator in the state of Florida. The term ‘habitual’ signifies someone who has not learned their lesson, to be candid.”

Currey elaborated on Person’s history, noting her progression from minor traffic infractions to serious charges such as leaving the scene of a fatal crash and driving with a revoked license, resulting in death. The arrest report highlighted the presence of a strong marijuana odor and bloodshot red eyes during Person’s interview.

Currently, Person is held in jail with a bond set at $70,000.