People seem to be more agitated when they’re on the road. Shielded by a vehicle, drivers feel they have license to say derogatory things in their car, which only gets them more upset. This might cause a person to reach a dangerous fever pitch of anger, and this leads to precarious situations like the one we saw take place in Lauderdale Lakes on the afternoon of December 4.

Parties involved have not yet been identified by name. What we know at this time is that an SUV appeared to cut off a man on a dirt bike near the intersection of North State Road 7 and Northwest 26th Street. The rider appeared to have been knocked off of his bike in the collision. 

That’s when chaos began. The man who was on the dirt bike eventually got to his feet, and fired a few shots in the direction of the SUV while hopping on one foot. 

The shots did strike someone, and that individual was transported to a hospital in the area. 

While it is not clear who was injured by the gunfire, we do know that the driver of the SUV did leave his vehicle after the shots were fired.

After the incident took place, the Broward Sheriff’s Office kept someone at the scene for additional questioning.

There are details that will be forthcoming in the days to follow that will help provide more clarity on what chargers, if any, will be filed as a result of this episode. Before that occurs, it is worthwhile to remind everyone to be attentive on the roads and drive in a safe manner.

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