car fire miami

A crash in the early hours of December 11 checks the boxes for a truly terrifying scene. A local resident helped describe what took place.

“I ran out of the house. I ran to the corner and I saw the car on fire,” said Stephanie Perez. “I saw a tow truck had smashed it. The big pole and box blew up and exploded.” Via

There were a few things going on here in the 1700 block of Southwest 22nd Avenue. The car and the tow truck that were engaged were pretty damaged, but only the car was engulfed in flames. The driver of that vehicle, who has not been publicly identified, was declared dead at the scene. Miami Fire Rescue responded to the incident and put out the inferno.

There aren’t too many details surrounding what led up to the crash, or who was behind the wheel of the tow truck. No injuries were reported to the occupant of the tow truck.

It didn’t appear as if the tow truck had any vehicles in its possession before the accident either.

As Perez’s quote indicated, this accident not only affected the two vehicles involved, but also impacted the area where it took place. Because the box exploded after the accident, power was cut off to about 120 homes and businesses in the area. By all accounts, electricity was restored in relatively short order after the accident.

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