ron weindorf killed in crash

While teachers deserve the respect and appreciation of the community, there’s a special connection that kids often have with their very first instructors. Middle school and high school students view their teachers as intelligent, practical, or cool, but younger children tend to develop an affinity for a teacher based on their level of warmth and support. 

This dynamic was nothing foreign to Ron Weindorf, who had a lot of experience dealing with children in their earlier schooling years. He had experience teaching at Del Prado Elementary School and Coral Sunset Elementary, according to reports. The 66-year-old appeared to be moving into a different phase of his life after dedicating his formative years to educational pursuits in South Florida.

Unfortunately, Weindorf’s life ended on the evening of November 11 in a fateful car accident. He was driving his 2018 Acura ILX when for reasons that have yet to be determined, he lost control of his vehicle. As he was heading northeast on Pheasant Way, Weindorf’s car veered into the grass and eventually smashed into a tree.

Weindorf was taken to Delray Medical Center for treatment, but sadly didn’t survive his fatal wounds.

In the preliminary stages of the investigation, it’s been revealed that alcohol and drugs were not considered to be a factor in Weindorf’s accident, and he was properly wearing a seatbelt. 

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