“It’s only by the grace of God that someone didn’t die,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder. Via WPTV.com

Remarks like that tell the public all they need to know about the severity of a motor vehicle incident, and how catastrophically things could have ended. Snyder was referring to a crash between a Tesla and another car in the early morning hours of January 21. The accident took place around midnight at Dixie Highway and Savannah Road.

Four people were catapulted from their vehicles into the roadway, causing serious injury to each individual. Three victims were transported to the hospital via an ambulance, and the fourth was taken to a trauma center via helicopter.

Although they face an uphill battle on the road to recovery, all four victims are expected to survive.

It’s not clear based on reports whether all four individuals were riding together in one of the cars, or whether the figure accounts for a total number of injured between occupants in both cars.

Be that as it may, it seems like this incident could be seen coming based on recent trends in the area.

“This is our third catastrophic crash with Tesla’s in just the last couple weeks,” said Snyder. “We’re seeing an overall pattern here in Martin County of more aggressive driving, greater speeds, and just a general cavalier sense towards their fellow motorists’ safety.” Via WPTV.com

Because of the “ultra-high speeds…involved”, other debris was found a significant distance away from the crash. An engine was located roughly 50 yards from where the accident took place.

The identity of the four people hurt in the collision has not yet been revealed, nor have details regarding the drivers of each vehicle.

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