road rage wreck

Everyone wants to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Sometimes it seems as though the need to get to the destination overrides the notion of safety, even if a safe arrival is a later one.

It’s unclear what 39-year-old Gregory Lowe was thinking during a drive on the Florida Turnpike near Boca Raton in April 2021. Based on accounts from that day, it seems like he had speed on his mind, and wanted to egg-on another driver to pick up the pace. Lowe took several aggressive measures to try to make that happen, which led to the death of Daquan Smith Jr.

There was a private ambulance driver who saw Lowe’s actions unfold over several miles, and reported that it was apparent that this cajoling was not going to end well.
“It was very obvious this was going to escalate or end in a crash,” said this particular witness. Via

Lowe was driving a Ford Connect passenger van, and was allegedly openly gesturing for Smith’s car, a Toyota Camry to drive faster. The Fort Connect cut off the Camry at least three times, according to reports.

Daquan Smith Sr. was driving the Toyota with his wife, Eboni Tucker Smith, in the passenger seat, and their son, Daquan Smith Jr., was in the back seat. After Lowe aggressively cut the Camry off again, Smith Sr. tried to change lanes to adjust, but his vehicle spun out of control and hit a guardrail. The Camry struck a Chevrolet Silverado, which ended up injuring the driver and passenger in that car, too. During this frantic moment, Smith Jr. was ejected from the back seat and died.
Lowe was arrested on July 29 of this year and charged with vehicular manslaughter and three counts of aggravated battery.

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