I 75 crash causes delays

We’d like to take a first-person slant from two perspectives of the November 14th morning commute on I-75 South in Lee County.

The first perspective is that of the occupants of a semi-truck and a car who crashed into one another around 6 a.m. at mile marker 135. Perhaps these drivers wanted to get an early start but were instead waylaid in an accident that prompted rescuers and responders to head to the scene.

While we aren’t sure about the nature of the injuries at this time, we feel pretty confident in saying that neither party wanted to begin their Tuesday like this. Thoughts of confusion, pain, and anxiety flood someone’s mind after an accident takes place, and our firm exists to help in that pressing time of need.

There’s also the vantage point of the drivers who elected to travel down I-75 after this crash, which was the reason that lanes were fully shut down for nearly two hours. These commuters weren’t on hand for the original accident and must have been frustrated to see the backed-up roadway. 

This circumstance might cause these particular drivers to attempt to make up for lost time by changing lanes and driving faster than they normally would. It’s human nature to do this, but it’s also valuable to take the temperature of how an accident affects the safety of the larger population.

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