It’s never a good thing when someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, but things feel more serious when the victim(s) is someone that couldn’t help or protect themselves. Sadly, that’s the case with a two-year-old child who was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident on August 11  that put him in the hospital. 

Thankfully, the boy’s injuries aren’t life threatening, though he has been in a lot of discomfort following the crash and his right leg is in a cast.

“He’s in pain, so he’ll be up all night. The first two days he was out of the hospital he had a fever,” said the boy’s father. Via

The accident took place at the intersection of Northwest 43rd Street and Northwest Fifth Avenue in Oakland Park. The child was struck by a burgundy vehicle which left the area shortly after the accident, and a search ensued for the driver.

The fleeing driver was eventually found and identified as 60-year-old Kimberly Mathis, who lives in North Lauderdale. Mathis was arrested on August 16 at her home after local authorities reviewed surveillance video that allegedly showed she was behind the wheel. 

The Broward Sheriff’s Office received footage that showed her Ford Edge pull into a parking lot not far from where the incident occurred. Mathis exited her vehicle and inspected the front of the car for damages. She was taken to BSO’s main jail and has been charged with failing to stop or remain at an accident involving injury. 

We will see what comes out of this as it relates to the consequences Mathis will face, but our thoughts are with the toddler and hope that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

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