motorcyclist succumbs to injuries

Many people associate motorcycle riding with younger people with a need for speed and a desire to get the adrenaline pumping. However, that feeling is not exclusive to millennials or generation Z, as older people also enjoy riding motorcycles in their spare time.

This was true of 77-year-old Lawrence J. Poliquin, who still found it a viable way to get around. Unfortunately for Poliquin, the ride he took in the early morning hours of May 9th would prove to be his last.

Poliquin was attempting to make a U-turn while riding on Royal Palm Beach Boulevard, but ran over some debris on the road in the process. This caused the 2005 Kawasaki Hawk to overturn, and left Poliquin with serious injuries as a result.

The senior citizen battled as long as he could, but passed away over the weekend. After the accident, he was transported to HCA Florida Palms West hospital for treatment and was then transferred to St. Mary’s Medical Center. Poliquin was in hospice care when he passed away, indicating that the injuries he suffered in the May crash were too much to overcome.

Studies have been done to help quantify the ages of motorcycle riders over the last 25 years or so. According to research done by, the demographic of motorcycle riders has skewed older over time.

It was also found that senior citizens who are involved in a motorcycle accident are less likely to recover from injuries suffered as a result.
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