marie claude andris killed on 595

A woman’s vehicle became disabled on the inside lane of Interstate 95 last week while she was heading westbound with a four-year-old boy. 

When she exited the silver Nissan sedan that she maneuvered onto the shoulder of the highway, she was fatally hit by another oncoming car. A blue Chevy and a tractor-trailer were involved in a secondary incident that arose after the initial events.

The child was transported to the hospital for treatment, although his injuries were not deemed life-threatening. It is unclear at this time whether the boy was related to the woman who died. According to reports, the occupants of the two other vehicles did not need medical attention.

The incident’s description escalated pretty quickly after the driver of the Nissan was struck while exiting her vehicle.

“Then, shortly after the call was updated from a disabled vehicle to a crash resulting in a possible fatality,” said Lieutenant Indiana Miranda of the Florida Highway Patrol. “Troopers arrived on scene with BSO Fire and confirmed one fatality.” Via

The woman was covered in a yellow tarp on the highway once her death was confirmed. Miranda conveyed the sadness of the event, accounting for the possibility that the young boy was the son of the victim.

“It is very unfortunate. I am a mother myself, and just to see a four-year-old in that vehicle alone at the time and possibly his mother is the one who is deceased,” she said. Via

In the aftermath of the incident, troopers advised that the best course of action in disabled vehicle scenarios is to remain in the car and call 911 or 347.

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