motorcyclist william cintron killed

Although a motorcycle’s ability to navigate through traffic can be a game changer when you’re running late and need to get somewhere, they can also be much more dangerous – especially when drivers of passenger vehicles aren’t paying attention.

William Clifford Cintron was undoubtedly familiar with the advantages of this mode of transportation as he rode his motorcycle south via Military Trail on the morning of October 12. According to reports, the 48-year-old zoomed around cars at a high rate of speed on his 2022 Kawasaki. 

However, his story came to a tragic conclusion when the driver of a 2012 Lincoln MKZ was making a U-turn at the intersection of Military Trail and Beachwood Road and began to proceed once the traffic tapered off in the southbound lane. 

The Lincoln had almost completed the U-turn when the passenger side hit Cintron’s motorcycle. The impact sent the motorcyclist and his bike flying into a wooden pole. 

Cintron was transported to Delray Medical Center for treatment, but succumbed to his injuries early the next morning.

At this time, it’s unknown if the driver of the Lincoln sustained any injuries or if any mitigating factors like substance abuse played a part in this collision. 

According to statistics compiled by RideSmartFlorida, the number of motorcycle fatalities in Florida has been on the rise in the last 20 years. The early part of the 2010’s saw a decrease in motorcycle-related deaths, however those figures peaked in 2015 with a reported 584 deaths, followed closely by 567 in 2021.

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