When considering traveling by train, most people think of a hassle free relaxing experience traveling through some of the most scenic parts of the state and our country on a predetermined path not encumbered by traffic or road closures. Unfortunately, train accidents still happen such as those that occurred recently. 

On September 24, two cargo trains collided with one another near Miami International Airport. There were a lot of things to patch up after this incident as Miami-Dade Fire Rescue had to triage the situation on two fronts. 

They sent over 25 units to the intersection of Northwest 15th Street and South Perimeter Road. Some team members were tasked with handling hazardous materials that were jarred loose by the collision. Among those was diesel fuel that was spilled and needed special attention to avoid contamination or mixing with other dangerous elements.

Fortunately only four people, including two train crew members, were injured in the crash and had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. 

Earlier that day, there was another incident when a Brightline train struck a bicyclist in Miami around Northeast 20th Street and Second Avenue. The man’s identity wasn’t released, but was in critical condition and receiving medical treatment at Ryder Trauma Center. This incident remains under investigation.

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