It was one of the most ironic and saddening events of 2022. On December 26, many in the community gathered to pay respects to the life of teenager Stanley Davis III, who lost his life one year earlier in a dirt bike crash. A vigil was held in his honor, which Bishop Bernard Wright spoke at during a digital telecast on Facebook Live.

Shortly after the streaming service had concluded, Wright was involved in an accident when he tried to cross Federal Highway. He was hit by a white Camaro that was speeding down the road. 

“He is making progress,” said Tenet Palm Beach Health Network Communications and Community Relations Manager Andrew Lofholm. “There is still a long road to go in his recovery.” Via

The 70 year-old doesn’t currently have a timetable for when he’ll be released from Delray Medical Center, but it has been confirmed that he’s no longer in the intensive care unit.

Members of the community were stunned to hear about Wright’s episode, which took place moments after people finished grieving together about the events that took place the year before.

The Camaro has been located by the authorities, but the driver of the car has still not been apprehended. 

Wright is well known in the area, as he had a mayoral bid come up short earlier in 2022. 

“We’re appreciative of all prayers from the community,” said Bernard Wright’s daughter, Jannerral. “Bernard is eager to get back to doing what he does best, advocating for the city of the Boynton Beach.” Via

Shortly after the accident took place, Wright had an operation that was deemed successful, and it’s good to hear that his condition continues to move in an encouraging direction.

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