Events unfolded rapidly around midday on May 6, as motorcycles zoomed outside the periphery of Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course. Unfortunately, two bikes slammed into one another at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Lake Avenue.

According to reports, it appears as if one of the motorcyclists was thrown off of their bike.

What happened next was something out of a chilling TV or movie script.

“One gentleman’s bike was still upright, and it came through the parking lot, making a turn over towards where our fellow golfer was standing, and I think it knocked her down,” said Katie Cahill. Via

The image of an operational motorcycle without a driver speeding into one’s vicinity is pretty scary, and isn’t something anyone would expect to have happen to them. 

According to Cahill, initial thoughts were that the pedestrian who was struck by the rogue motorcycle suffered a broken wrist.

The condition of both motorcyclists involved in the initial crash has not yet been released to the public, although all three parties, including the pedestrian in the parking lot, were taken to a local hospital.

Ocean Boulevard was shut down for a couple of hours after the incident occurred.

This was nothing short of terrible luck for the pedestrian who was involved, but the lesson remains that motor vehicle operators need to exercise an abundance of caution on the road, as innocent bystanders can be injured in an accident.

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