A notable crash unfolded on the morning of August 14 in the southbound lanes of I-75 near Glades Parkway. A dump truck slammed into a power pole, which caused it to topple over. 

Chaos ensued as multiple cars, the downed power line, and the dump truck were left in the aftermath of an ugly accident.

Seven people were reported injured as a result, with two of them being children. At this point and time, it’s not clear who the injured parties are, and which vehicles they were in. 

It has been reported that two of the injured people went into surgery right after being transported to Broward Health Medical Center. The condition and identity of those individuals have not yet been updated.

As one might imagine, the incident caused road closures that forced drivers to take alternate routes. The Glades Parkway exit was blocked off while the accident was being investigated. 

There are many cases where the contents of a dump truck may spill out onto the road to cause even more potential damage, but early review indicates that this did not take place.

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