“I was asleep when I heard the horn,” said passenger Jason Taveras. “I looked to the side and heard a ‘boom,’ and then I saw red pieces coming by and then the train stopped.” Via WPTV.com

Taveras and 64 other passengers were on high alert after the Tri-Rail train they were on struck a red vehicle in Lake Worth Beach on the afternoon of May 29. 

Palm Beach Fire Rescue and deputies descended on the scene, confirming that one person in the vehicle died in the crash.

The investigation remains ongoing, as there are many details that remain unclear surrounding this incident. For example, it’s unknown why the vehicle was present in the train’s path, or if anyone else was in the car at the time of the accident. 

We do know that the car caught fire after the collision, which caused passengers on the train to become nervous.

“They were telling us to stay inside the train,” said passenger Mary Santiago. “We just kind of pushed the door open to get out.” Via WPTV.com

Fortunately, none of the 65 passengers on the train were hurt in the incident. They were escorted from the scene to the next station so they could be picked up. 

The fire left few traces of the vehicle, which has forced investigators to search elsewhere for answers.

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