Shawn Robinson knew something wasn’t right as his car was in the process of crossing the Caloosahatchee Bridge. 

He put his hazard lights on and called AAA for assistance. That was only the beginning of the sequence of a scary sequence of events.

Robinson recalled that there were cars speeding down the bridge as he attempted to safely halt his vehicle. While he was outside of his car, a pickup truck did not see his car in time and smashed into it. 

The red pickup truck also sideswiped two other vehicles as well. 

Things could have easily gone from bad to worse, as the truck started to leak oil.

“I thought it was gonna blow up when I saw the oil shooting out the bottom of it,” said Robinson. Via

It was an unfortunate turn of events for Robinson, who had apparently just gotten his car fixed before the incident on the bridge.

Luckily, it seems like all parties involved escaped without injury, which seemed unlikely given the nature of what took place.

Bridges can be dangerous places to break down, as they may not have a wide shoulder for cars to pull over onto. 

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