New details have emerged regarding a fatal crash in Martin County on the afternoon of September 8. Two young men from Indiantown were killed after their sedan struck a semi-truck on SR 710 (Southwest Warfield Boulevard).

The 26-year-old driver of the sedan was heading north on SR 710 when, for unknown reasons,  he suddenly lost control of his vehicle. The sedan veered into the southbound lane and into oncoming traffic.

A tractor-trailer headed south didn’t have much time to react to the unpredictable occurrence, and the front of the truck slammed into the passenger side of the car. The driver of the sedan and his 24-year-old passenger were both declared dead at the scene. 

Truck driver injured

After the collision, the truck continued to head south but was now also barreling out of control. The 55-year-old driver of the tractor-trailer watched his vehicle veer off the road’s right-hand side. He suffered minor injuries in the crash. 

While the investigation remains ongoing as to what caused the crash, it appears as if inclement weather may have played a role in the sedan’s ultimate demise. Initial theories propose that the 26-year-old driver wanted to pass other cars heading north in the downpour, and this weaving on a slick road could have started the somber incident. 

It can be tempting to find angles to cut time off of your drive, but most South Floridians know that tropical downpours can be treacherous to drive through. Using an abundance of caution in these circumstances can keep drivers and other counterparts on the road safe.

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