There are a lot of ways to approach life, and what may seem unusual or unsavory to some might be preferred by others. 63-year-old Bryan Leger didn’t have a life that many of us would relate to–he was unhoused and preferred living outdoors to take advantage of the natural beauty of South Florida. He felt this made for a happy life.

“He was at peace. That is what he wanted. It was his true love. Nothing better than sitting on the beach and seeing the sunrises and sunsets,” said his sister, Diana Monkelis. Via

Leger was injured in a bicycle crash on July 31 and was found by two people bleeding from his head. Leger fought for his life for over two months, but unfortunately, he passed away on October 5. 

It doesn’t appear that there was a collision with another vehicle or bicycle, instead, it’s believed that Leger may have been intoxicated during the fateful ride as there were many bottles of alcohol found next to the bicycle. 

The likelihood that Leger was intoxicated at the time of the accident wasn’t surprising to those who were familiar with him, as he was known to turn to alcohol consistently throughout his life. He refused to seek help at the city’s service agencies, and was steadfast in his ways.

Leger was a creative individual who expressed himself through his artistic creations. He was known for making straw hats, which come in handy during the constantly sunny days in the area. He was also remembered as a very talented painter. 

“We couldn’t get him to wear a helmet. We begged him,” said Monkelis. “He lived free and died the same way.” Via

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