ronald mcbride at fault car accident

On April 5 in West Palm Beach, there was an unfortunate accident that badly maimed two SUV’s and sent three people to the hospital. When something like this happens, most initial thoughts gravitate in the direction of the victim(s) and their families and the hopes for a speedy and full recovery.

The next natural thought is usually “how did this happen?” It’s human nature to want an explanation for what happens in life. It’s also human nature to seek accountability and justice for one’s actions.

It took a few months to sort out, but internal investigations by the West Palm Beach Police Department determined that officer Ronald McBride’s actions were the cause of the tragic April 5th accident. 

McBride was behind the wheel of his 2018 Chevy Tahoe heading northbound, hoping to make a left turn onto 57th street to head in the opposite direction. McBride was waiting for traffic to slow down, and in his immediate line of sight, saw a car stop on the inside lane of traffic heading southbound.

McBride thought it was safe to proceed with his turn and began turning left, but he didn’t see an oncoming car in the outside lane. McBride’s Tahoe and the other SUV on the outside lane collided, both sustaining significant damage. McBride and two civilians were transported to the hospital on that day for injuries–all were expected to make full recoveries.

West Palm Beach Police Department uses a point system to discipline and reprimand officers who commit transgressions. According to the investigators report, McBride was recommended to receive a 16-point demerit for his actions that day.

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