What is Negligent Security?

Negligent security occurs when a person is attacked or assaulted by a third party on someone else’s property or premises due to inadequate or negligent security. The business or property owner can be held liable for incurred injuries, even though they were not the direct perpetrators of the crime because they lacked security measures that could have reasonably prevented such a crime. (This is different from premises liability, in which the business or property itself presents the danger or cause of injury, rather than a third party.)

There are laws in place that require businesses, schools, apartment complexes, and other public places to provide reasonable protection for their patrons. If business owners fail to take precautions to protect their patrons, they can be held responsible if someone is injured. Safety precautions can include but are not limited to, security guards, cameras, fences and good lighting.

We Will Successfully Handle Your Negligent Security Claim

Our West Palm Beach negligent security lawyers at Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath have the experience necessary to investigate complex negligent security issues, including:

  • Landlord liability
  • Shopping mall security negligence
  • Attacks in elevators and stairwells
  • Inadequate parking lot surveillance or lighting
  • Negligent hotel security
  • Bank Security Liability and ATM kiosk security
  • College campus and dorm room security negligence
  • Negligent hospital security
  • Negligent sport stadium security
  • Employer Security Liability for negligent hiring

Do I have a negligent security claim? Determining whether an attack can be considered a result of negligent security is extremely fact-based and requires a thorough knowledge of business premises laws and regulations. Like other personal injury claims, to win a negligent security case, you must be able to prove:

  • Duty: The business/property owner had the responsibility to protect patrons in certain ways
  • Breach of Duty: That duty of patron protection was neglected or breached
  • Causation: The inadequacy or negligence of the business to fulfill that duty resulted in a third-party attack that could likely have otherwise been prevented
  • Damages: Evidence that the victim received damages as a result of the business’ negligence (injuries, stolen goods, etc.)

If you or someone you know has been assaulted or injured on someone else’s property, please contact one of our Florida negligent security attorneys today.

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