South Florida drivers are certainly no strangers to torrential rains and inclement weather. However, weather-related accidents can occur even during the most sun-drenched days, and it’s important for those behind the wheel to remain aware of what is happening around them. 

45-year-old Harry Ray Skinner was driving an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) on the 200th Trail North last weekend. There was a large puddle on the roadway that Skinner attempted to drive through. However, the ATV was unable and overturned. 

The impact caused notable facial and head injuries and the Loxahatchee resident died at the scene of the accident, as confirmed by the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

While Skinner’s ATV was struggling to navigate the puddle, a second ATV was hopeful that it could get around the frightening scene. That vehicle was operated by 57-year-old Wellington resident Tammy Rubio. Her ATV met the same fate as Skinner’s did as it also flipped over.

Rubio and one passenger, 31-year-old Cori McHugh, were also jettisoned to the pavement after their accident. The two were fortunate to escape the harrowing experience with only minor injuries. 

Both ATVs were of the exact same make and model year; 2020 Suzuki King Quads. 

Officially, hurricane season in the United States begins on June 1st, and the severe wet weather in South Florida that occurred over the weekend was related to Tropical Storm Alex. This dreadful event reminds all South Florida drivers to exercise extreme caution when traveling during a powerful storm and to reduce speeds when visibility is compromised. 

Even after the storm has passed, there is an increased likelihood of slick roads and deeper-than-usual puddles on the road.

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