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Florida Railroad Accidents Result In Debilitating Injuries And Deaths

Just like the commercial trucking industry, America relies on our railroads to provide an affordable way to transport goods and people from one end of the country to the other. However, like commercial trucks, trains are extremely large, heavy vehicles that cause catastrophic injuries in a crash.

Federal safety measures have worked to reduce collisions between trains and motor vehicles. In 1972, roughly 12,000 collisions occurred involving trains and motor vehicles. By 2014, that number has been reduced by about 81% to 2,286 collisions. In addition to collisions between trains and motor vehicles, Florida railroad accidents also involve pedestrians, passengers, and railroad workers.

When Florida railroad accidents occur, the devastating injuries often result in life-altering conditions that radically change the victim and the victim’s family forever. In addition to the physical pain and emotional suffering, Florida railroad accidents victims and their families face enormous medical costs, physical therapy, property damage, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, funeral costs, and other economic losses. Someone must be held responsible and compensate victims for these damages.

What Causes Florida Railroad Accidents?

Many factors can cause a railroad accident such as:

  • Inexperienced or improperly trained workers and/or conductors
  • Defective crossing guard and/or crossing lights
  • Failure to sound a warning horn
  • Exceeding the posted, safe speed limit
  • Negligent maintenance of the engine, cars, tracks, or crossings
  • Railroad crossings that pose a danger to pedestrians and/or motorists
  • Defective parts and/or improper repairs
  • Conductor and/or railroad crew fatigue
  • Debris on the railroad tracks
  • Conductors or railroad workers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

Any number of factors can lead to Florida railroad accidents. The first step is to hire an experienced Florida railroad accidents attorney who understands the federal and state laws governing railroads as well as Florida personal injury laws.

An experienced railroad accidents lawyer has the experience, skill, and resources necessary to conduct a thorough, comprehensive accident investigation to identify and preserve key evidence to be used to establish fault. You must identify the negligent parties and establish fault in order to receive compensation for your damages.

Florida Railroad Accidents Attorneys

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