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Do I Have an Assisted Living Injury Claim?

Sometimes the decision to place a loved one in assisted living can be very difficult. When you make this choice, you are trusting professionals who promise to care for, nurture, and support your family member during their time of need. Unfortunately, elder abuse in assisted living facilities is a problem that many families face. Whether from neglect or physical violence, any injury sustained while residing in an assisted living community can warrant legal action. Our Florida assisted living injuries attorneys at Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath are dedicated to helping families during these painful times.

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A Broward County jury awarded Denise and David Brown $35 million in a case against North Broward Hospital District, doing business at Broward General Hospital.


Matt Haynes immediately filed suit and noticed the case for trial.  Even with all the challenges of Covid closures, the Team kept the pressure on, and resolved the case in less than 10 months for more than the company’s policy limits.


Our 23-year-old client was driving to his aunt’s home on I-95 when the left rear tire on his SUV sustained a tread separation causing him to lose control.

Protecting The Rights of Assisted Living Residents

Don’t allow healthcare professionals to continue exploiting, abusing, and neglecting the elderly. If you suspect an assisted living facility is harming their residents, speak out right away; you could save a life.

My parents were injured at an assisted living facility. What should I do? When you discover that your loved one is receiving poor care or is a victim of abuse or neglect, it’s critical that you get legal help right away to ensure proper steps are taken. Once your loved one is safe, we will pursue a case that helps your family recover damages while holding the at-fault party responsible.


If your loved one suffered any of the following, contact our experienced attorneys today:

  • Financial exploitation
  • Unnecessary medical procedures
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Neglect

Just like other personal injury or medical malpractice cases, negligence must be proven by showing the existence of four factors:

  • An established relationship between the caregiver and the patient
  • A breach of a caregiver’s duty to provide reasonable or a standard level of care
  • Injury or other damages occurred as a direct result of the caregiver’s breach of duty
  • Injury or other damages do indeed exist


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