If you or a loved one suffer from an injury to a defective product, you might wonder what your next steps are. Should you bring forward a lawsuit? Could you prove that your injury was the result of a product defect? Do you even have enough money to successfully bring a case to trial? If these are questions you find yourself asking, it is time to contact a product liability attorney.

My product liability case is straightforward – do I really need an attorney?

When is the last time you have heard about an individual representing themselves in court and winning a multi-million-dollar court case? The fact is that people who are serious about their product liability lawsuits always hire a professional. 

Do you understand product liability and how to successfully complete a court case?

No matter how straightforward you think your case is, it is incredibly daunting to prove product liability cases to a judge or jury. While you may believe that it is simple to show that your defective product was the result of your injuries, the defendant will try their best to stop you.

This can involve showing how you misused the product, highlighting how safe their products are, or even proving that your injuries were not the result of using the product. Even if you somehow can prove everything, how can you know that you are receiving the correct settlement amount?

Do you know the strategies behind maximizing your damages compensation?

How much should you receive for the following damages?

  • Past and future injuries suffered due to a defective product
  • Lost wages or a reduction in earning potential
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Loss of life

As you can tell, simply determining how much specific damages should be worth is incredibly challenging. An attorney can make it easier for you to receive the full amount that a manufacturer owes you. 

If you fail to calculate the full cost of your damages and settle for less money because you want to represent yourself, there are significant consequences.

Do you have access to expert witnesses and other people that can support your case?

Attorneys have access to those who can testify about how a product should work. Without building a team of people that can support your case, you risk your chance to build a solid court case.

Fortunately, you can gain access to all the things that you need to successfully litigate by working with an attorney.

Aren’t attorney’s expensive? How much will I need to pay?

We understand that you might not have all the money you need to fight against a major product manufacturer. With that said, personal injury attorneys often work on contingency. Instead of earning an hourly rate for attorney services, you will instead pay a percentage of the damages you recover from the lawsuit.

If you are considering a product liability case, do not let money stop you from recovering the money you deserve. Instead, receive a free consultation and discuss the specifics of your case with a team with a proven record of accomplishment.

You will have peace of mind when a product liability attorney helps investigate, prove, and fight for you. It is always better to have legal representation whenever you are considering filing a lawsuit against any manufacturer, retailer, or intermediary.

I am thinking about working with an attorney – what should I do now?

Now that you know why you should hire a product liability attorney, what are your next steps? If you or someone you care about are suffering from an injury because of a defective product, act quickly. 

At Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath, our attorneys will explain your rights and help you file a lawsuit. We make the process of finding liable parties, investigating the damages, and filing a lawsuit simple for you. To discuss the details of your product liability case in Florida, call us at (561) 665-1990 or speak to a representative using the live chat feature on our home page. Don’t run out of time to recover the damages you deserve.

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