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Seat Belt Failure and Florida Product Liability

There is no question that seat-belts save lives, but if a seat-belt isn’t working correctly, it can be deadly.

Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath Florida defective products lawyers have handled many cases involving different defective seat belts. In fact, our firm was the first in the country to convince a court to allow punitive damages against Ford for the design of the RCF-67 (Type 1) seat belt.

The firm helps clients throughout Florida and the United States who have been injured by a defective seat belt. Our firm has thoroughly investigated seat belt restraint systems and we've learned that seat belts are not always as safe as they should be.

Our Florida Product Liability Lawyer is here to assist you

Our litigation against leading automotive manufacturers has led to the recall of unsafe auto products, including seat belts. Shortly after our firm obtained a substantial settlement on behalf of a client, a major manufacturer recalled more than 300,000 vehicle’s to replace the seat belt system.

Our Florida product liability attorneys have handled cases involving the following seat belt defects:

LRSI&F encourages everyone to buckle up.

If you have any questions about defective seat belts or any personal injury matter, please contact us immediately to speak with a Florida product liability lawyer.


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