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top misdiagnosed disorders in children
13 Mar 2023

Top 4 misdiagnosed disorders in children

When a child presents symptoms of an illness or disorder, it can be more difficult to properly diagnose them than it would be for an adult. Unfortunately, a misdiagnosis for a child could lead to years of unnecessary, unsuccessful treatments…
virtual doctor misdiagnosis
13 Mar 2023

A concerning trend in healthcare: Misdiagnosis might increase with telehealth

Virtual or telehealth appointments spiked in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even as restrictions for in-person medical care were lifted, online video consultations have remained popular for many Florida residents. Although the convenience…
how to file a complaint against a police officer
13 Mar 2023

How to file a complaint against a police officer

If you were unfairly treated by a Florida law enforcement officer, you have the right to file a complaint for police misconduct. This includes situations in which you believe an officer intentionally and/or maliciously left out information in…
target zero traffic
26 Jan 2023

All about Florida's "Target Zero" initiative

Florida’s Target Zero traffic program is designed to reduce the number of traffic-related accidents each day. The goal is to completely eliminate the deaths and horrible life-altering injuries that are caused by car accidents on Florida roads…
forest hill boulevard dangerous intersection
26 Jan 2023

Most dangerous intersections in Palm Beach County

Although motor vehicle accidents occur every day in Palm Beach County, the area’s intersections are particularly hazardous, especially with contributing factors such as traffic volume, speed, weather, and visibility. Being aware of the most…
07 Dec 2022

Tips for filing hurricane insurance claims post-Ian

Hurricane Ian was devastating–your home may have sustained severe structural damage in addition to floodwaters ripping through your home, destroying everything that’s inside. Dealing with insurance claims while processing your emotions stemming…
07 Dec 2022

Proving medical malpractice: It’s hard but not impossible

Winning a medical malpractice lawsuit may be one of the biggest challenges a plaintiff can face because proving all necessary elements requires an in-depth understanding of the law surrounding the claim and the appropriate way to apply the law…
cda technical institute lawsuit
10 Nov 2022

Troubled waters: CDA Technical Institute lawsuits

CDA Technical Institute, a Jacksonville diving school, is under intense scrutiny after several of their students have died. Family members of the victims have taken action against the school by filing wrongful death lawsuits, claiming that CDA…
can I sue the state of florida dry tortuga
10 Nov 2022

Problems in the Park: Suing the State of Florida for Injuries

Florida has 175 state parks and 11 national parks –  all of which are spectacular.  Although they’re beautiful, many of them pose dangers that visitors might not anticipate. In fact, some Florida state parks are among the most dangerous…
defective auto parts
09 Nov 2022

10 Most Common Defective Auto Parts

There are more than 30,000 parts in the average car; below, we introduce 10 parts that most often fail due to product defects.  If you suffered an injury due to the failure of a defective auto part, a Florida product liability attorney with…
what happens if you total a financed car
09 Nov 2022

This is What Happens if You Total a Financed Car in Florida

Insurance is required to compensate you for the value of your vehicle after a crash. However, they have no responsibility to pay the outstanding loan that exceeds the value of your car, except in very specific circumstances. If you find yourself…
organ transplant failure
09 Nov 2022

Senate: U.S. must address failing organ transplant system

Organ transplants are among the most amazing medical feats, having saved thousands of lives over the last few decades. Although many who are part of the U.S. transplant network should be commended for their passion and dedication, there’s…