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cda technical institute lawsuit
10 Nov 2022

Troubled waters: CDA Technical Institute lawsuits

CDA Technical Institute, a Jacksonville diving school, is under intense scrutiny after several of their students have died. Family members of the victims have taken action against the school by filing wrongful death lawsuits, claiming that CDA…
can I sue the state of florida dry tortuga
10 Nov 2022

Problems in the Park: Suing the State of Florida for Injuries

Florida has 175 state parks and 11 national parks –  all of which are spectacular.  Although they’re beautiful, many of them pose dangers that visitors might not anticipate. In fact, some Florida state parks are among the most dangerous…
defective auto parts
09 Nov 2022

10 Most Common Defective Auto Parts

There are more than 30,000 parts in the average car; below, we introduce 10 parts that most often fail due to product defects.  If you suffered an injury due to the failure of a defective auto part, a Florida product liability attorney with…
what happens if you total a financed car
09 Nov 2022

This is What Happens if You Total a Financed Car in Florida

Insurance is required to compensate you for the value of your vehicle after a crash. However, they have no responsibility to pay the outstanding loan that exceeds the value of your car, except in very specific circumstances. If you find yourself…
organ transplant failure
09 Nov 2022

Senate: U.S. must address failing organ transplant system

Organ transplants are among the most amazing medical feats, having saved thousands of lives over the last few decades. Although many who are part of the U.S. transplant network should be commended for their passion and dedication, there’s…
31 Oct 2022

Alcohol after brain injury: Safe amounts, complications, and more

There are a lot of terrible consequences of suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI). In many instances, victims will no longer be able to enjoy what they once loved, such as having a few drinks with their friends on the weekends because consuming…
gynecologic cancer awareness month
31 Oct 2022

National Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

Each year more than 110,000 women are diagnosed with some form of gynecologic cancer, and over 30,000 die. September is National Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, a time to not only increase awareness of these terrible diseases, but also to…
28 Oct 2022

Gearing up for Biketoberfest? Review These Florida Lane-Splitting Laws Before You Go

Biketoberfest is a fantastic event in Daytona. If you love to ride and haven’t experienced it before, you owe it to yourself to do just that, but make sure you do it safely and that you arrive there safely because motorcycle accidents can…
28 Oct 2022

Major Differences Between an Autopsy Report & Death Certificate in Florida

If you’ve lost a family member in an accident caused by someone else, especially if they were negligent, as a surviving family member, you might be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the liable person. In order to effectively prove…
halloween safety
27 Oct 2022

Halloween Safety for Homeowners: Tips to Avoid Lawsuits in Spooky Season

Halloween should be a fun night for children and adults alike. Whether you go all out decorating your home or if you provide treats for the kids that go trick-or-treating, the last thing you want is for anyone – child or adult – to get hurt…
florida autopsy reports
19 Sep 2022

Important Things to Consider About Autopsy in Florida

It’s normal to seek answers for questions surrounding a loved one’s death. Autopsy can provide some of those answers, especially the cause of death, but that’s not all an autopsy can do. The procedure can clear up inconsistencies in the…
car crash in parking lot
09 Sep 2022

Car Crashes in Parking Lots vs. Roadways

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), tens of thousands of crashes happen in parking lots and garage structures each year, leading to hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries. The numbers annually amount to around 60,000 people…