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Your Rights under Current Personal Injury Protection Laws

Knowing your rights is key when it comes to being compensated for injuries sustained in a crash.  The reality is that every person that get into a moving vehicular is at risk of being in an accident.  And, although drivers are accountable by law, to avoid reckless behavior and adhere to the safety rules of the road, some don’t. For that reason, legislations have been put in place to protect motorist who get injured by negligent drivers. Read more

Who Do I Sue When a Defective Tire Causes an Accident?

Worn or defective tires cause accidents.  While it is a common practice to immediately assume that the driver is responsible for mishandling their vehicle in a tire related wreck, liability can rest on multiple shoulders. These include manufacturers, auto specialists, dealers and retailers as well as the driver of the vehicle.  No matter where or with whom the blame rest, tire defects can contribute to dangerous accidents with serious injuries and fatalities. Read more

What Property Owners should know about Premise Liability Law

Premise Liability Law

A commonplace action that most property owners take with built in liability potential is making their premises easily accessible to others. Few people are aware that there are judicial guidelines that determine a property owner’s liability if someone sustains an injury while on their property.  The legal terminology for property owner’s responsibility for premises safety is “Premises liability law” which is, in essence, a sub-category of personal injury law. Read more